CRTGWH Commitee



CRTGWH Director: Somporn Rungreargkulij, PhD

Expertise: family mental health, mindfulness therapy, gender

 Darunee Darunee Jongudomkarn, PhD 
Expertise: women and family health care, well-being, gender
 Siriporn Chiawath2

Siriporn Chirawatkul, PhD

Expertise: gender, women’s mental health, health policy

 Athittan Athithan Chinsuwan, Ph.D 
Expertise: disability and family caregivers, women’s health, gender
wiporn Wiporn Senarak, PhD (Nursing) 
Expertise: women’s health promotion, chronic illness, gender
 Sommapat Sommapat Sornchai, PhD
Expertise: adolescent sexual health, midwifery
 Pakwilai Srisang Pakwilai Srisang, PhD
Expertise: reproductive health, gender
 Pranee Pranee Teerasopon, PhD
Expertise: women's health, midwifery, gender

Chanokroutai Cheonarom, PhD

Expertise: mental health, depressive disorders


Kritaya Sawangchareon, PhD

Expertise: family violence, counseling

 Ausa Ausa Supornpun, M.Sc.
Expertise: reproductive health, midwifery

Maneerat Pattarajinda, M.Sc.

Expertise: birth spacing technology, reproductive health

Piyanuch Piyanuch Boonperm, M.Ed. 
Expertise: birth spacing technology, reproductive health
 Soiy Sojy Anusornteerakul, MSc. 
Expertise: reproductive health, midwifery
 Somporn Wattana

Somporn Watananukulkiat, M.Sc.

Expertise: reproductive health

 Wallapa Binsomprasong Wallapa Binsomprasong, M.Sc. 
Expertise: midwifery, reproductive health

Wasana Rouysoongneon, PhD

Expertise: health promotion, chronic illness, gender

Pensri Rukwong Pensri Rukwong, PhD 
Expertise: gender, health disparity
Pranee Prongrua Pranee Pongruo, PhD 
Expertise: reproductive health, disability, gender
Pornthep Pornthep Praekaw, PhD 
Expertise: gender, sexuality, male homosexual health

Centre for Research and Training on Gender and Women's Health


 Womens Day


Gallery of Women's Day 2014


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One Billion Rising for Justice  

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